Doggies & Moggies is a pet sitting service dedicated to pet owners who would prefer their beloved animals to remain in the familiarity of their own home environment. 

Multiple pets is where Doggies & Moggies will provide both a stress-less and financial solution to holiday pet care. Doggies & Moggies pet sitting service stays at the pet's home where the animal's everyday routine can be maintained, ie. walked, fed, cared for, lots of cuddles and simply providing companionship for your precious pets in their familiar surroundings.

Doggies & Moggies means you can go away completely reassured that your animals are being loved and cared for by a responsible adult who has a lifetime of pet experience. Plus, your home is being protected and even your plants are being watered!

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I love my work and pride myself on being called back time after time on pet sitting assignments.

You won't find anyone more loyal to your pets and respectful of your home than Doggies & Moggies.

If you would like to have your pets walked, fed or simply stroked when you are unable, get in touch with Doggies & Moggies so we can arrange a mutual introduction of your pet/s.

While you're away, give your best friends a happy holiday too.

 Please note that due to the nature of my business I spend very little time in my office. I endeavour to answer all calls, emails within 48 hours. However at busy times this may take up to a few days. I appreciate your patience and understanding while waiting for my reply.

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