Hello!  Thank you for visiting my website.  

My name is Della Lamden although a lot of people think Ferrari is my surname.  It simply reflects a life long passion for ANYTHING Ferrari.

My background was customer service within blue chip businesses.  At 42 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  I fought it, returned to work, but it came back with a terminal prognosis.  In 2007 I started taking a daily cocktail of nutritional supplements and looked for work that would fit around my situation.  In 2008 I discovered a money making business that was overflowing with positive happy people on residual income.  

As the money making business continues to grow by itself, I now have the freedom to work in areas that make me truly happy - looking after animals, fundraising for a charity close to my heart, and preventing waste of money. 

This page of my website is a summary intended to give you some background about who I am, the businesses I have to offer, why I love my life and the people around me.  Please regard this website as a house with lots of windows that will give you an insight on where I'm coming from, and where I am going - that will hopefully make a difference to you.   

Go on... feel free to take a peek inside!

Pet Sitting




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My mission is to make a difference to others  - either spiritually, emotionally or financially.

Let's see where we can make a difference in your life....!